A Guide on Different Types of Gate Motors

It would not be an exaggeration to call this era as the era of automation. We can see automation in different spheres of our lives. Automation has got related with our daily life stuffs. For example, we are now fairly accustomed with the use of automated gates. These gates assure more safety or security. Moreover, they are simple to be operated. Automatic gates are typically equipped with motors. Depends upon the type of efficiency and power handling capacity of the motor varies. Based on the mechanism and designs, automated gates can be divided into various types. For example, we have swing gate motors, sliding gates motors and many others. In the following section, we shall try to find different kinds of gate motors and types of automated gates.

Automatic Electric Gates

On the basis of mechanism, automatic electric gates can be divided into two major types that we commonly find in the marketplace these days. One type is hydraulic gate, while other type is electromechanical gate. As the names suggests, hydraulic gates are based on the mechanism of hydraulic press. On the other hand, electromechanical gate is based on the mechanical design and electric power supply for operation. To operate both these types of gates, motor needs to be installed. High quality, powerful and durable gate motors are required to operate these gates perfectly.

Different Types of Gates

Based on the design and working mechanism, automated gates are divided into few interesting sections, and here are those sections at a glance for you:

· Swing Gate: This is one of the most common automated gates, which has been operated by swing gate motors. The gate can be opened both inward and outward with the help of the remote controller or signal transmitting device.

· Sliding Gate: In this type of gate, moving part slides on the static part.

· Barrier Gates: These gates are found at the parking sections or toll booths. The gate generally moves upward and downward directions.

· Overhead Gates: This type of gate is generally installed for underground parking areas. It needs a lot of vertical space to be operated.

Gate Openers or Motors

As stated already, automated gates need motors to be operated perfectly. Motors are designed in different ways to suit mechanisms of different kinds of automatic gates. For example, to handle swinging gates, you need to install swing gate motors. Motors or gate openers can be categorized into three sections. The first type is known as articulated gate opener. The second type is known as underground opener and the third type has been called as sliding gate opener.

Repair Service for Gate Motors

Gate motors can get damaged after certain time. You shall find drop in efficiency level of these motors with the advent of time. As they start lacking efficiency, they start making unseal noises. In case of underground motors, it is difficult to spot noises at the early stages. However, in case of other motors, it is quite easy to detect inefficiency at the early stage. Find a professional and veteran service provider for repairing gate motors.

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