3 KEY THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT Century Exchange (CenturyX)

Jan 19 · 2 min read

Being unique means going the extra mile and that's what the team at CenturyX is doing. The team is putting together many features to ensure the uniqueness of this exchange with investors and the community in mind. Here are 3 keys things you need to know about CenturyX;

1- CenturyX Vault; CV is a program designed to reward users of CenturyX, based on their personal trading statistics. In order to use CenturyX and pay reduced trading fees (50% discount), traders would have to purchase XXI tokens. The Vault is accumulated up from exchange fees from all traders and is then distributed back to the community based on their usage of the platform.

2- Lowest fees and 50% discount; The exchange will have the lowest fees on the internet and also with a 50% discount on all fees to attract more traders and users to the platform.. #lowest

3- CenturyX Empower; This is more of a charity fund and empowerment program that will be funded by tokens that will be bought back and locked. With the help of our community, the team at CenturyX will embark on some charity works to empower the less-priviledged in diverse ways.

More details have been captured on the website..

Website; https://centuryx.info

Telegram; https://t.me/centuryx

Twitter; https://twitter.com/Main_CenturyX

Be Unique..
We are CenturyX..
We are Unique...

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