Century Exchange (CenturyX)


Dear Centurions (Users/Supporters of CenturyX), As part of the launch of our website, we are glad to announce the start of CenturyX Empower Bounty. CenturyX Empower is one of the key visions of CenturyX and we have covered more details on it in our Bluepaper on our website; https://centuryx.info

This bounty is a way of rewarding members who will aid in our community build process. Sign up via the link below, confirm your email and scroll to the bottom of the same page for the Rules and FAQs.

Bounty link; https://signup.centuryx.info/bounty

Join our Telegram group; https://t.me/centuryx

Let's keep sharing the love....

Best Regards
CenturyX Team

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