How Gaming Desks Can Help You Earn More From Gaming

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There is a huge market developing when it comes to playing games. Last week, there was a Fortnite World Cup, held in a stadium in New York. The winner won $3 million. The total amount to be won at the competition is $30 million. This is the largest amount to be won at an e-sports competition, that is until the annual DOTA 2 tournament, due to be held in August 2019.

Those who regularly play games on computers often spend hours sitting down in front of their screens. Research has shown that this can be a very unhealthy lifestyle. It is also bad for game play performance.

The Science Behind Sitting Down When Gaming

According to some of the best research, you are putting you body on standby when you’re sitting for too long. During this time, your metabolism slows down, circulation is constricted and there is a tightening of your connective tissue. This is in addition to the health issues we’ve highlighted in other articles before.

The biggest problem is that when playing games, players tend to hunch their shoulders, lean into the screen and squint/tense facial muscles. Just one hour of this can have a devastating impact on your body. But it isn’t just the physical challenges you’ll face. The mental disadvantages of sitting down playing games can also have a negative impact on your gameplay.

Cognitive performance is much lower when you are sitting down to standing up. There are many examples of creative people who did their best work while standing up, including Da Vinci, Hemingway and Charles Dickens. Those who regularly play combative games, like Fortnite, often find that they are performing better when standing. Those who regularly do this say they are more assertive, energetic and dynamic — the key to success in specific gaming genres is to stand up while playing.

When A Father Bought His Son A Gaming Desk

Gaming desks are being used by professional gamers across the world, and one of those who attended the Fortnite World Cup 2019, Jordan Herzog (aka Crimz) used a gaming desk during his practice runs with his partner. His father bought him the stand up gaming desk, so he could stay practicing his games, but also keep healthy. At the same time, his father, who also works in the games industry, took him out of school and ensured that he got taught at home.

Jordan Herzog, while now only 16-years-old, is earning a significant amount over the past year. Without his earnings from the Fortnite World Cup, he has earned over $60,000 in just seven tournaments in 2019. That is more than the average salary in the US.

Not The Only One Who Uses Gaming Desks

Jordan Herzog isn’t the only professional e-sports player who is using a standing gaming desk. Two very popular players, Ninja and Tfue, are also using gaming desks to keep healthy and improve their game play.

These two players are well known and have lots of followers. Tfue is estimated to be worth $10 million. Though some of this is thanks to his social media profiles.

How To Make Money From Gaming

There are several ways that you can make money from gaming. Both Jordan Herzog and Tfue have found ways to ensure that you can earn money from e-sports. There are two main ways that you can do this. These tactics are playing competitions to win prize money and the other is to have a large social media following and bringing in sponsors.

The first one is the easiest to attempt and requires little effort to start. However, you have to go up against the already established players like those mentioned in this blog post. To win the big prizes, you need to improve your game to ensure that you are better than them. This can be more challenging than you can imagine and would require hours of training per day.

To practice this amount of time you would need to ensure that you’re getting enough exercise, using a standing desk to avoid health problems and eating a balanced diet. This will help keep you focused and alert. However, it could take time before you win top prizes, but even a small-time player can earn a living through gaming.

Plus, professional sporting teams are also now paying professional gamers to represent them at e-sport events. Teams like Manchester City FC are just some of the frontrunners in this new way e-sports arena.

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Sponsorship Through Social Media

Getting sponsorship through social media is becoming more challenging. However there are several routes you can go. Here are some of the best you can choose:

Brand Sponsorship — This is when a brand sponsors your content for a mention on your channel. However, there are laws about what can and can’t be promoted and how you announce that certain content has been paid for. Also, the amount you can earn is dependent on your audience size.

Adverts — Sites like YouTube will pay you for having adverts in your content. This can be a great way to earn a lot of passive income, but you need to establish a regular audience. In addition, it is hard to get a stable income.

Patreon — This is a great way to get regular income. This is a site where people offer you a low amount to create content in return for some special rewards (like early access). Patreon take a cut of the money you get. To get this, you have to regularly create content, but some of the best gamers do this anyway. You can look at gaming YouTubers like Best In Slot and Gaming Beaver to how this works.


E-sports is an up-and-coming entertainment area and those who want to be at the top of their game need to have three things: great gaming skills, equipment to keep them healthy and finally, a steady income. If you want to establish yourself in this industry, you should start straight away. Otherwise, you’re only going to delay what could be a wonderful career.

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