7 Marketing & Design Client Shoutouts | July 2017

Because I work (part of the time) as a marketing freelancer, I often feel weird about posting about current clients on my personal channels.

I only take clients that I’m SUPER SUPER STOKED ABOUT, so naturally, duh, I want to post about them. But I also feel weird about it, as I don’t want my Facebook profile to turn into advertisements for clients.

So, here are some descriptions of a few of my current (RAD AF) longterm clients. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do, and check out their products. I’m not listing all of them, as over half of my current clients are in the midst of totally revamping their online presence (thanks to yours truly). ❤

1. Leafy Mama

Most all of you know that I’m doing social media and influencer work for Leafy Mama, a vegan chocolate company manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah. Leafy Mama is woman run and own (shoutout to Mel!), and the chocolate is actually good. (No, really!) ❤

2. Morgan Elizabeth Brown — Body Confidence Coach

I’ve been working with Morgan on a few things (business accountability, social media marketing, and LOTS of collaborative blog writing). Morgan is a “badass fat HBIC” living in Portland, OR, working as a body confidence coach. She’s a down to earth badass, super hilarious, and walks her talk. ❤

3. She’s All Fat Podcast

The brainchild of fat geniuses April and Sophie, She’s All Fat is a podcast for “podcast for body positivity, radical self-love and chill vibes ONLY.” They’re literally putting their money where their mouth is, hiring women and women of color as freelancers (I’m doing startup business coaching) AND I’M SO EXCITED THAT THE PLUS SIZE COMMUNITY IS GETTING THIS RESOURCE. Also, thin friends, you’ll want to download their first episode (coming the first week of September), too. ❤

4. Rachel Becker, Founder of Full Belly Birth — San Francisco and Marin County Doula

A good majority of my clients are also my friends- enter Rachel Becker, founder of Full Belly Birth.

Rachel needed to transfer her website from Wix to Squarespace, and also up her blogging game. After a few months of looking at wayyyy too many baby pictures, we redesigned her website and wrote brand new copy that more fully encapsulates her work as an intersectional feminist doula.

Note: The website has a few pieces left (I’m training Rachel on how to edit Squarespace).



I’ve been working with Alex Young (CEO of JST ASK), for the past ~6 months. I’ve done user research and product fit analysis, product development (along with the founding team and investors), and manufacturing management. Alex will be blogging more about the brand (manufacturer just ordered materials for samples!!!), so stay tuned. ❤

Consent sign from Stanford — all campus parties have signs like this before entering. (Source)

6. Closet Barcode

A fun online women’s retailer (straight sizing, hopefully plus sizing in the future!) for folks looking for items around a $30 price point, I’ve been doing influencer research and outreach with the company. ❤

7. Fashion Sewing School — Salt Lake City//Sewing Lessons

I’ve been doing 1:1 business coaching with the school’s founder, Sophie St. Claire, for the past ~6 months, and also managing marketing. This month, we’re relaunching the FSS website and copy. ❤

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