So, as some of you know, I’m currently doing a beta launch of the “My Career Map” program, which puts (mostly) millennials in the driver seat of the career, helping them get from where they are to where they want to be.

And, because I’m a meanie, one of the most common assignments I’ve given folks is to get active on Twitter, with specific milestones my clients have to reach. (i.e. “Tweet at x number of people, join y twitter chats, etc).

Why am I doing this? Isn’t twitter just a place for B-List celebrities and social media marketers?

Isn’t twitter just a place for B-List celebrities and social media marketers?
Y’all, you gotta get over this idea that you’re “too good” for twitter, smh.

Well, yes — but also, NO. Twitter is an incredible place full of breaking information, insights and networking.

The #NETWERKING y’all. That’s where Twitter really takes the cake.

You don’t need to register for that “Alumni Mixer” or drag yourself to another awkward networking event at a coworking space (although you totally should). Introverts of the world, rejoice, for Twitter is where it’s fucking at.

I’ve met best friends (internet and IRL ones!) on Twitter, clients, mentors and just found really good helpful info for my career that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else.

RIP, GooglePlus. ❤

So, below, you’ll find a guide on how I use twitter. Snag the advice that works for you, and dump the rest.

Oh, and if you’re stuck trying to figure out how to launch your career, give me a holler, (on twitter, duh) here: Brianne Huntsman. The next pod of My Career Map folks will start August 5, for $200.

Twitter Chats

Y’all, most people are doing Twitter wrong because they’re not actually TALKING to people. They’re just sending tweets out into the void.

Not gonna work, my friend.

One of the best ways to find real interesting humans for serendipitous connections is through Twitter Chats. A twitter chat is basically a group networking event, wherein folks rev up their twitter accounts on a specific day (usually weekly) at a specific time, and talk to each other. Generally, the person running the chat will tweet questions, using the format “Q1” for “Question 1,” and you respond with “A1” for “Answer to Question 1.” You’ll also want to use the hashtag, so folks can see what you’re saying.

A twitter chat is like speed dating/networking, but not awkward and better in every way.

I love the #Ambitionista twitter chat, and last night I participated in the #CreateLounge twitter chat. There are oodles more!

Oh also: I’ll schedule a calendar reminder in my phone to remind me to pop over and say hello.

Amplify In-Person Events

So, I don’t know if you’ve been to a conference (for work, or a fun one like DragCon) but the networking capability on Twitter at conferences is ON FIRE. You’re already #DoingTheDamnThing by being at a conference, and you can network with attendees on twitter about the event.

You can also join in the conversation/learnings of a conference by joining on twitter. Couldn’t make an event work for your calendar (or budget)? Find the event hashtag and join in the convo on twitter.

Chat with Friends

You probably don’t know it, but quite a few of your friends are on twitter. To get started with the platform, start sharing articles/memes with them on the platform, instead of only sharing to their Facebook wall.

Tweet at “Thought Leaders”

A Thought Leader is a leader in a specific industry (like real specific) who people look to for advice/opinions.

One of my favorite people on Twitter is Cindy Gallop, the founder of Make Love Not Porn, and an advertising HBIC. While Cindy is busy AF, she makes it a point to respond to people 1:1 on Twitter.

Cindy talking about porn. ^^^

And she’s not alone. Chances are, the writer/career crush/etc person you love is on Twitter, having real-time conversations. Make it a point to respond to their tweets/their work, and you may find yourself #MakingAConnection.

Or, you’ll have sent the equivalent of an electronic “Thank you!” note, which is also lovely.

Are you a twitter noob? Come hang out with me, and I’ll introduce you to some rad folks.

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