I wasn’t going to comment on this article, but since I saw a fresh link to it today, two important…
Russ Cox

I appreciate the response Russ. I would still take a different approach, but I (and many others) understand better the broader context of the alias proposal now. The github issue itself seemed very heated publicly, but I clicked a bit with your comment “come along with us to see how it turns out”. Internet discussions tend to make everything “right or wrong: pick a side”, when it’s really multiple paths that can achieve a goal.

I was a bit disappointed this was used as ammo against Go or Google, when I think very highly of both. However, I think there’s a deeper vibe in the public Go community that ties together some of this concern (where aliases were only one part) which many people seemed to connect with. I think https://github.com/golang/go/issues/18130 (over the original github issue) is a great approach that, if replicated, would make Go stronger in the long run and resolve most of this concern.