Assessing Science: A Perspective From The Cheap Seats
James Heathers

Hi James, I see you have valid concerns leading to your stipulation that peer-review should be pre-publication, but perhaps you have overlooked the successful post-publication peer-review models. One is F1000Research, which publishes lots of biomedical articles and which the Wellcome Trust just announced they will use for a new journal for their grantees (although we don’t know the details of how Wellcome will use it). Another is overlay journals, such as Discrete Analysis (, which is a very beautiful thing. So far overlay journals only exist in fields very far from your own, but I hope we can change that. In both the F1000Research and overlay journal model, the article is already up (on the F1000Research site in the case of F1000Research, on arXiv in the case of Discrete Analysis) before it gets peer-reviewed.

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