Hi Alex!
Professor Timothy Bates

I wasn’t referring to Elsevier’s APCs, I was referring to the cost to universities of publishing with Elsevier being over $5000/article when, roughly, subscription fees are divided by number of articles. Unfortunately, the Dutch-type agreements you referred to only increase the amount of university funds being wasted on Elsevier shareholders, because subscriptions are not canceled.

In addition to the lower cost of PeerJ, Ubiquity, which publishes Glossa after its editorial board left Elsevier and many other journals, charges approximately $500 per article. They provide information about their internal costings here http://www.ubiquitypress.com/site/publish/

In my view, scholars should be supporting even lower-cost options such as overlay journals (http://discreteanalysisjournal.com/), which will have other benefits in my opinion, such as speeding science and broadening the article evaluation process to be more open.