What is Cerberus Network ?

Since cases of stolen wallet rises, we have come up with an idea to prevent or reduce the cases of stolen wallets worldwide with Cerberus Network.

Cerberus Network is a type of payment service through which businesses and individuals can receive and send money via mobile devices. It is a form of e-commerce model that is designed to be used with mobile devices due to its convenience and easy access. It provides superior payment security, making transactions at terminals much more secure than using plastic cards, through Cerberus you are now capable of viewing your blockchain record of transactions.

Cerberus Network is delivered through several payment processing models such as Mobile-based billing, SMS-based transactions, Mobile web payments, Near-field communications (NFC) and etc.

How Cerberus Network Works?

Utilizing Cerberus, clients approach wallet to be propelled by the group soon and administrations, for example, settlements, broadcast appointment, charge installments, in appointments, credits recreations, online polls and internet shopping across the nation shippers who acknowledge advanced cash.

Download a Wallet Simple to Use and Convenient to Transact-Implement dealings without the prerequisite to synchronize with the blockchain and is an easy to use interface. Purchase and Sell Market Tracing and Signals-Worldwide market checking of insights supported by nonstop synchronization with advanced market destinations.

Adaptable value prepared for circumstances will never pass up a major opportunity for vital market courses of action. Safe and Secure Self-held Private Keys, Improved Safety-Encoded Private Keys will be saved consistently in convenient’s neighborhood sandbox structure. It conveys complex envelope reinforcement choices, to keep away from misfortune or burglary of advantages. A Better User Interface How Cerberus Work? E or disconnected — Cerberus App can be gotten to on the web and even not associated with the web, Cerberus Network SMS Operator will deal with the exchange of the clients.

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