I always tell people to do this — to always insist on the beautiful, and today, I saw myself preaching it to none other than myself.

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Earlier at work, I almost snapped at someone after hearing some words that you wouldn’t want to hear when you’ve been working so hard on something to the point of being sleep-deprived for two straight weeks. Just like what Albus Dumbledore said, It’s always just a choice between what’s easy and what’s right. …

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Let’s kick the series off with a quick one.

When I was starting out with my development career, I only knew how to use pixels and percentages. It was back in the day when the word “responsive” wasn’t yet a buzzword, and making something respond perfectly to the viewports’ dimensions was impossible without JavaScript.

Fast-forward to 2010, CSS3 came along and it introduced a lot of new features including viewport-based measurement units. That’s what we’re looking at today.

The Units

  • vw: represents 1% of the viewport’s width
  • vh: represents 1% of the viewport’s height

One important thing to remember is that these units will ALWAYS be relative to the viewport. The only exception here is if you’re using it inside an iframe (since they are sort of separate windows on their own). …

If you’re a developer and/or a programmer, I’m certain that there once came a time in your career when you looked back at your old codes and realize that everything you’ve been doing before were rubbish. For some people, this happens every couple of months, and for some people (like me) it happens way too frequently.

It may sound horrible, but it’s actually a good thing because, more often than not, this phenomenon happens after discovering and/or learning something new. …


Joshua Cerbito

Web Developer. Street Photographer. Christian Apologist.

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