Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

I see your point but I don’t think people walked away from Twitter because somebody was bullying them. I think it’s more related to the intrinsic weaknesses of Twitter like:

  • The lack of value of its content: How much value can you put in 14o characters?
  • The mess on your feed: Of course you want to follow all your friends, and singers, actors, models, writers, fashionistas, influencers and leaders you like; also that beautiful girl or handsome boy, but at the end you go in your feed and there is just a bunch of nothing, little comments and a lot, a lot of links, because Twitter it’s not able to display more, so there are just links.
  • Links everywhere: I think I made it clear in the previous point but, really, go in to twitter and it’s all about #morning #latergram #breakfast http://www.instagram… I mean the mistake here is that Twitter didn’t include it self more, it should have evolved to be able to be the little journal that reflects entirely the activity not only tells you that somewhere else there is more.
  • Lack of logic and sense: This one is from the users. I mean not everyone is smart enough to understand the differences between each social media plataform . We all should pay atention to the platform, the capabilities and try to understand what’s the reach of the social media, what it was made for, what it’s meant to be used for and use it accordingly. Just imagine, everyone using Twitter as it should, everyone micro-bloggin valuable content how beautiful and peaceful it would be.