You’re a Javascript developer. It’s a great time to be alive. But there’s so many damn tools, libraries, and frameworks to learn.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

“But Patrick,” you say, “I gotta show the world my brilliant coding chops with this cool new library I wanna make… and it’s gonna be open-source… and it’s gonna take the programming world by storm… and…”

Okay, slow down. Allow the Lunar Rover to pick you up and take you for a ride.

WTF is this Lunar Rover nonsense?

So you wanna make an NPM library?

Lunar Rover is a Github template I’ve created to get your next…

tl;dr: Here’s a link to the codebase, a link to the Storybook, and a link to the CodeSandbox, you lazy jerk.

We’ve all been there before. Some badass designer with an axe to grind gives us, the developer, yet another reasonable design request that, despite our best efforts, simply doesn’t exist in the modern web.

A tragedy.

One such task like this that I’ve come across is getting a gradient to follow along an SVG path. That should exist, right?…

Simple for a designer.
Not so simple for a developer.

Image for post
Image for post
Looks easy, right?

A backstory

SVG gradients are great for basic tasks. You essentially have…

I feel we’ve been here a million times before. Your brand new web application is served hot and ready in the cloud. Component structure is well-organized. UI is on fleek. But Facebook’s sharing debugger throws shade.

I’ve spoken about this before. For a million and a half reasons you cannot seem to get social networks and some search engines to play nice and just respect your damn content. Here we are again, with the latest toys and a few new additions. If you want to read about why server-side rendering is necessary for many deployed applications, feel free to read…


June 1st, 2018 — I’ve updated this quite a bit to keep up with all the newfangled technologies you kids keep inventing. If you want context, keep reading, but if you want the latest and greats… then head over to the new article.

The Problem

We all know that server-side rendering is no longer essential for most major search engines. But if your development needs demand that your single page app (with multiple pages) work on Facebook and Twitter… prepare to ditch that nice serverless S3 setup you had going so well for you — it’s time to go back to the…

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