What the heck are you putting in your mouth?


Come on do we really know what’s in the food we eat or the supplements we take? The answer is NO! We think we do but we don’t and here’s why. The food we eat or that is packaged is supposed to tell you health facts but they can leave information out and off the label. So we don’t really know what we’re getting or how much for that matter. Be careful please.

Take a look see

So what about food that’s natural? Well you see those beautiful tomatoes in the veggie section? Have you ever felt the skin? It feels like oil or wax, well that’s put there to entice you to buy it. This oil or wax substance perhaps pesticide(what ever it may be) ends up in your mouth. Even if you wash it there are still trace amounts in your mouth. So having said that Organic veggies may not look as pretty but they are better for you because they don’t have the coating on them.

The supplements we take are natural but what are they? Bark and roots, extracts and essential oils right? Yes and No companies can still leave things off of the label. Sometimes the capsules are made with horse hoofs ground up to make a gelatin coating. There are companies like DBH Ultraceuticals that takes the ingredients in their product and assures you of the products safety. They do this by setting aside a page on the website to not only tell you what the ingredients are but also what they specifically do. They let you know that the coating on the capsules are vegetarian and vegan friendly made with plant based gelatin. The best is the upfront attitude they have about telling the consumer the raw details. No fluff just the real information we all appreciate. We all have to watch what we put in our mouths and make sure you research the products first. Do this and you can be certain of the company and the products they offer. Cheers