What’s wrong with you?

You hear me young lady (man)!!!

I bet you remember the days when this statement came out of your parents mouth “What is wrong with you”? Right?

The question was of course rhetorical they really didn’t want an analytic answer from you. It got you thinking though “What is wrong with me?” The real answer is nothing is wrong with you. We all did weird and destructive things when we were young and it’s okay. Now as an adult we really have to look at that question differently. “Do they mean health wise or mentally?” We have creaks and crackles in our bodies we have never experienced and our mind is full of fog. The body issues are just our bodies getting older and for that we can take better care of ourselves. However, the mind issues are a very different animal. We become forgetful and can’t retain simple information, with no motivation or energy. This needs immediate attention because without your brain working right we can’t even fix the body issues.

Drugs or Supplements?

The first thing our brain reverts to is to see your Doctor, in doing that you will end up on some sort of dangerous pharmaceutical. There is a natural solution for this that is safe and effective for basically everyone.

Effective alternative to drugs

Brain supplements are purchased online or over the counter. The brain supplements out on the market now are amped up with lots of caffeine and B12 so that they will get immediate results from the pills. However, The supplements that are primarily Nootropic compounds will give you long term results rather than immediate satasfaction. The difference is one will give you a jolt then a crash when it wears away and the other will give you clarity and focus with a boost but no crash when it wears away. That is why Nootropics will work better than caffeine filled drinks and supplement capsules. You want to build up your brain so that all of the different parts of your body will benefit. You will have it all because you are motivated to take care of you. The brain comes first.

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