The Chaos

On a bad morning, nobody is ready, and nobody is cooperating. The kids need to make it out the door in a few minutes to make the bus, homework and ballet shoes are nowhere to be seen and you wonder if you even have to figure out where they might be. It’s another stressful start to the day and it’s only 7:30 am.

The disarray is what inspired us to build SchoolBot, a service that gives families the ability to track their children’s school bus to make morning pickups and afternoon drop-offs a little less chaotic.

We launched a web-based…

Monday morning, 10 a.m. Weekly alignment is about to start.

Everybody is there: the project manager, developers, stakeholders, and everyone else who has a say in the product.

Trello is up: endless lists of tickets displaying various contributions, priorities, and ideas about what should be part of the first release. You’re trying to balance budget and deadline, and you have a general sense of what could work and what won’t. However, you have no organized information or verified prioritized data to convince everyone.

You have too many features that are set to go live with the first release. Each feature…

We worked with Boston University and Boston Medical Center to design a custom application to gather information from medical students during their field education in the emergency room.

Field education in American emergency departments has changed. Through a combination of advancements in the business and administration of emergency room care, formal ‘learning moments’ between instructor and student have given way to a faster-moving, more decentralized methods of instruction. While this evolution is widely documented, there is little understanding of how this change has affected the actual process of learning.

A group of faculty members at the BU Medical School is…

Ceren Paydas

I occasionally fight zombies at night. During the day, I create user experiences and teach systems thinking.

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