Hello, straight parent.

OMG. I thought I was just going to a homeschool meetup.

Hello, straight parent.

Yeah. You just found out your kid was trans.

Deep breath.

Ok, come over here, sit down, and have some tea.

I know. It’s a hard lesson, and it’s one I’m learning too:

We’re not allowed to question our kids when they decide to be something, even if it is something we didn’t expect.

My boyfriend is female to male, and his kid wants to be a pro wrestler. It’s not what I’d choose, and I’m struggling to accept his alternate life/career choices.



I’m having cognitive dissonance, as I battle becoming a more authentic parent, and I’m stripping away what I thought was real. Sure, you’re allowed to have questions, and I bet you do not understand, but it’s a whole community in transition and not just that kid. It’s a war you do with yourself, and it’s an onus I share with you as a mom.

Early childhood is all about learning how to transition through stages. This transition is just another, but this time, it’s us that get to grow up. You know what? Fuck! It’s hard when kids do something weird, but even sudden things are their right.

You’ve had to deal with many transitions as a parent.

It sucks to be less of an enlightened person than our kids, but it happens.

(Mic drop.)

I’m lucky enough to have access to a female to male person who is an adult, and you could ask them questions. I’m also a male to female person, and I went through a demiboi phase as a non-binary person.

I’ve written some blog entries on my journey, and you can find them at sparklesandlight.org, but I am always happy to answer questions about being trans.