Hello and welcome to my first blog ever! I’ve been asked by so many people if I was going to be doing a blog whilst traveling and now that I’ve agreed to with so many people it’s kind of hard to go back on that now.

So why am I writing a blog? Over the next year I am going to be lucky enough to work and travel across 12 cities, 11 countries and 3 continents. Sounds amazing right? That’s because it is :)

First thing a lot people have been asking me is how am I managing to do this? Well I’m in the fortunate position of being able to do my job from anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE. I had recently become freelance consultant and soon realized that the world is my oyster and that rather being on my couch sat watching Netflix I could be out exploring the world and all it has to offer.

As most people would do I start to think about where I could travel to close to home that I could still easily do my job from. One thing led to another and I was looking at the website for Remote Year. Within the space of hours I went from planning some long weekends away working to going traveling for a year. Just a slight escalation…

Typical response at that point is to ask your manager for approval. Wait I am my own manager instant approval! However as I am working freelance I need to ensure that I get approval from my client. Can’t just simple not say anything then drop into conversation I’m in South America or in Asia and a completely time zone and day! Once again I have to thank my lucky stars what I thought was going to be a conversation where I would need to sell that I could do Remote year and still provide the goods became the client giving me reasons why I should do it. Guess that means I have to do this now :)

So next question from people has usually been what is Remote Year? Even after explaining it there has been some confusion about who Remote Year are and what they are doing.

Remote Year is a travel company setup only a few years ago as a way for the founders to travel and work at the same time. Which is a great thing so I can still see the world and not have to financially plan that I wouldn’t be earning for 6–12 months.

Remote Year offers people to live and work in a different city for every month in the year. They offer different itineraries which people can join to enjoy each city with a group of like minded people.

Here is the itinerary I will be following for the next year with 40 amazing people.

Looks amazing right? I can’t wait to visit all these countries. I’ve already been to 3 of the cities including Split and Lima last year. However I can’t wait to go back and enjoy once again and in more detail this time. Another common question I’ve been asked is what city am I looking forward to the most? To be honest I don’t think I have one city that I am looking forward to more than the others. However as I’ve never been to Asia I am really looking forward to immersing myself in the local cultures and in particular the food!

So of course nothing ever comes free in this world so what about the financial aspect of traveling… Remote Year charges $2000 a month for each of the cities I will be visiting. Also I had to pay a $5000 deposit to join as well. $27000 to go travel the world for a year not so bad right? But I can hear you asking what do you get for that money Ceri? Well for each city Remote year provides me an AirBNB apartment, co working space to of course work (I have to remind myself and others I am still meant to be working), they also provide transport between each of those cities as well. Also within each city we get to choose different experiences called tracks. For example in my first month I will be doing a Portuguese cooking class, going dancing, and going traveling around Sintra in jeeps.

Still sounds like a sweet deal right? I know of course I could manage to do all of this cheaper if I did it myself but with making it cheaper comes a lot more stress and a lot less support. Also remember I’m working so I won’t be needing to scrimp for pennies and budgeting in the same way whilst traveling. Some would say I’m living the dream and I honestly think I am.

Obviously I have been talking a lot about what I am going to be doing but what about everything I’ve been leaving behind? It’s of course never happy to say goodbye to friends and family that you love and say see you in a year. Of course everyone has been so supportive and excited for me whilst preparing for my trip. However to not see everyone and enjoy experiences with the people I love is easily the hardest thing about going away on this trip.

The person I will miss the most is my nephew Toby. Whilst adults will be mostly the same person that I leave behind in the first place Toby being at 18 months has a year full of firsts yet to come that I will unfortunately miss out on. Plus look at how adorable he looks!


So as I stand on the cusp of a year away what do I expect from this year away? It is really hard to say. I am always one of those people that has been so laid back I’m in danger of falling over. So as I come to jetting off the expectations are rather chilled about what is to come…

This year is going to be one of the greatest in my life but it won’t be if I put too many expectations on myself, the people I meet and the places I travel to. Previously I have never been much of a planner something that makes me completely opposite to my sister :) With only a month in each location I’m going to make sure I plan to achieve the things that I want to achieve.

It’s also weird to be on the cusp of a year away with a huge group of people that I have yet to meet. This time next year I will saying about how I have had the time of my life with these amazing bunch of people.

One expectation for sure will be that I am going to devour as much food in all of the cities I visit. So much so I either will have to work my arse off to keep in shape or come back fat.

So what should you expect from this blog going forward… I’m not sure to be honest. This being my first blog I hope it will go well and will provide everyone insight into my travels more than some beautiful instagram pictures. I am determined to provide a blog post for each month/city so you’re able to see all the fun I’m having in more detail.

To enjoying Lisbon!