My Profile


What’s up people,

My full name is Ilham Fitriadi Budiarto, my nickname is Ilham, but sometimes my friends call me “Mp” (Human Planet) or “Botak” (bold). I was born in Jakarta at April 6, 1992.

I’m 25 years old now. I was graduated from Binus University for sevenyears.

“Why need seven years to finish my study ?”

I was in Technology Information major for one year before, then I moved to the Management, because I can’t understand what the study is. After that, That’s need four years in Management major to finish my Bachelor Degree.

When I graduated in Bachelor Degree, then I study in Management Business for two years at Binus Business School for my Magister Management degree.

And today, I still find a job for myself. I like social media activity, creating content, and make video on YouTube, and I also like to share the information to other people.

“For Me, Sharing is Caring”

I’m sorry If my english are too bad, because I still learning how to speak and write in english well. So, I try to practice my english skills in here.

I hope you can help me and keep support my skill to be better, soon! Hahahaha..

If you want to help me and teach me how to speak and write english well, you can tell me from my social media accounts like Instagram (@mrilhams), twitter (@mrilhams), Facebook (Ilham Fitriadi Budiarto), YouTube (, and from the e-mail (

Talk about my hobby,

My hobby are reading a book, dancing, sports, entertaint people, watch a movies, writing on my blog, my medium, and my social media accounts.

If you have any question for me, you can ask me.

Thank you!