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A “savior” owner doesn’t change the facts on the ground. A’s spend the same percentage of revenue on payroll as every other team, every team floats around 50% or so. A new owner is not going to by the team and then spend 70% of revenue on payroll, that’s a surefire way to lose millions of dollars, just ask the late Walter Haas.

Revoking small market status would be ridiculous as the A’s are only granted Alameda and Contra Costa counties as exclusive territory. This is the only such arrangement in MLB as all other shared markets are truly shared. Revoking the A’s small market status would require the Giants/MLB to open up the greater Bay Area. (ie. allow move to SJ, which hasn’t even been considered a possible move in a while now.)

“Once more, the team shuffled toward the trade deadline as a seller.” Yes, two years in a row, right on the heels of a 3 year stretch of being the best regular season team in baseball. “Fan-favorite” or not, which MLB team doesn’t trade their impending free agents at the trade deadline in a lost season?

If it’s all about the money then why hasn’t the team attached a prospect to Butler’s contract and sent him away? Plenty of teams are doing that nowadays, it’s a blatant cash grab, but no one is calling for those cheapskate owners to sell.

I don’t like Lew Wolff, he says dumb things at the exact wrong times. He also wants to build a stadium somewhere in the greater Bay Area and he’s not asking for public funds to get it done. He even thought SJ would be a shoo-in because of his frat buddy ties with Selig but ended up publicly taking a flamethrower to that friendship when ol’ Bud left the team in limbo for years.

Everything now hinges on the Raiders, that’s well established. A’s would prefer to build at the Coliseum site and nothing can happen there with Mark Davis bumbling around. Why not ask Mark to sell the team? He clearly can’t afford it and is busy touring the nation looking to bilk some taxpayers.

Check back a year from now when the Raiders relocate to LA (if SD declines) or Santa Clara (to share with SF). Until then there’s not much for ownership to do, though I bet some loony Facebook commenters will continue to advocate for “WOLFE” (they can never actually spell his name correctly) to sell the team and provide you with some hot “LEW LIED” takes when you interview them again.

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