“Beautiful life & Beautiful Child ”

The world doesn’t look like what we think and how it looks like: We see so many strange situation in a just few metres ahead with- so wierd & Wide.


Name: Gajendra @ Age 3 Years

He is wearing a sling shot on his shoulder just to hunt a 🐦 bIrD !

What or how he knows- hunting a bird?

Do You Know Hunting? Have u used the Sling Shot ?

Poverty on an empty stomach.

Most don’t eat nutritious meals even if they get to eat. Many have no guarantee of lunch every day.

The actual children in our அலை Precious lives who don’t have regular Food , Clothes , Eduaction & Basic Life- hard to overcome the poverty they were born into.

You can help give one of them a chance!

Everychild has a different story to tell. Every little have a different dreams for their future. Help one achieve their dreams by making sure that they can focus in school with a full belly.