How will you give importance to your old love ones?

Have you been in the poor family side?was your grandpa or grandma took care of you since the day you were born? Well, maybe you can relate to this topic.

When you are a child, of course, you don’t have any idea what is really is.All you know is to enjoy, to play and to have fun with everything besides you.

I will tell a story you might think boring from the intro but it was a really meaningful story.

Hi, there my name is Paolo Cerrudo from Sagay City Negros Province, Philippines. I am 23 years old and yet unemployed.I was born here in Sagay City.When I was around 1 year old.That was I think 1995 my mom and dad decided to work in Manila the capital of the Philippines.It’s about 700kms from here in Sagay City.Then from then on, My Grandpa Lito and Grandma Amelia took a good care of me actually until now they were beside me.They woke up 2 am just to let me stop crying, They fed me, they also change my diapers. Then they taught me how to have more friends, and the most important was they taught me to be religious.

When I was in 1st grade, I felt nervous at that time but Grandpa taught me to be strong and brave no matter how hard challenges I will be facing, he told me that you will always find a way, cause you know why? God is always with you and never leave your side.Well, it’s true.

The first day of school, Grandma waking me up. As I go downstairs all of the things the bag, uniform, my ID etc. Are already prepared. And she also prepared me breakfast then my toothbrush with a toothpaste on it. How incredible were they is it? that was the everyday role of my grandma Amelia.

Then there he was grandpa Lito.Taking me to school. Yet as I said we are a just poor side of the family, he was taking me to school by riding his bike, I know it’s not fun and for others was awkward for me? it was amazing. Cause I felt the love in the simple things they did to me.

When came from school grandma cooked for us and have dinner with them. The most amazing things I experience with them was, while we are eating our dinner. Grandpa Lito always told us a joke you cant even have your dinner seriously. No matter how serious you are, you can’t stop smiling or even stop laughing.

The years have passed, I was in 4th grade. There was a lot of projects and homework from school.Then there was grandpa Lito, to the rescue.He taught me how to draw, He taught me how to read and know what history was.For me, he was a mad genius. Cause you know why? he told me that when he was at my age he used to skip classes just to read at the library and read history, almanac, geography, science, and so much more. You see how incredible this old fellow is?it’s not just that.He knows carpentry, fixing everything a whole lot more that is why grandpa and I were so close

I think it was 2005 when I leave and have my studies in Manila with my mom and dad.I was in the 5th grade that time, well, it’s kinda sad leaving those fellows all alone. But what can I do it’s my parents decided to continue my studies there and have a better future, is it?well, here it is.

Yes, I had studied in Manila, with my parents in the first it’s kinda simple living there, having my peers and so lot more. Until one day, They offered me a drink which I not doing there in Sagay, It was my first time to drink liquor drinks.And they taught me how to be a member of the band which I enjoy.But the worse was I already missing with my life.I used to be alcoholic that time.I don’t even attend my class, I used to skip classes and having a girl which I thought it was right.I become the worse nightmare of my parents.

Until my Uncle came to our house for vacation and told me to visit grandpa and grandma.Which I refuse to say yes.Then he said, “When are you gonna visit those old fellows?when they already in their own graves?”. My uncle said.That time, I stop to think, the reason I don’t want to leave Manila because of my peers and hobbies, especially because of my parents too.But it was a hard decision for me that time to decide.Until I have my decision already.

May 24th, 2012, I decided to fly to Sagay City not just to visit them but to stay there for good.You know the feeling of being excited and nervous to see them and to with them again?that was the feeling I felt that time.Until I arrived at the airport and I was to see what changes a lot to my hometown.I saw new infrastructures, new commercial buildings, malls and a whole lot more.

From the airport, I arrived, it seems there were a lot of things changes this house ever since I last saw it.Then I opened the gate.”Lolo, Lola?(grandpa,grandma?)”. I saw grandma getting her blouses.And then I ran to kiss and hug her.I miss them so much.” where is grandpa?”. I asked. “He went out to buy food, he’ll come later,” she said.Then the gate opened.”There he was!!!.” I said excitedly.” how are you, grandpa?”. I asked. “Well your old man, Doing right as fine as a carabao”. Damn he always joking hehe.

I told them I will having my college her in Sagay City and to be with them.That time they were happy to know that I won’t leave again ever again.As the time passes by they are getting weak especially grandma she cant walk longer, she suffers dizziness as always, we cannot deny they were getting old but grandpa even though a slightly weaker he can still do his things but now not accurately.

Well, I am here to help them buy their foods and meals.Cooking what they want to eat, assist them in many ways I took their hand while walking and sometimes when I am alone on the other side of the house and think the time passes by so fast. I never noticed that it’s been 23 years when they took a good care of me even now, they still worrying when I’m out for some activities and out for school.

Now grandpa Lito was already 75 years old, and grandma Amelia was already 73 years old. My point here was even though everything changed.You cant change the past but there is something you can learn from it.Love those who love you more than itself.

Loving your family was the greatest love of all.

-Paolo Hortillosa Cerrudo