So, what you are saying, by being completely unable or unwilling to answer my questions… is that…
Ryder Spearmann

LOL you’re funny dude. I don’t think you actually heard what I said back there. But I mean, since you’re up to bat, let’s think about the fact that there’s billions and billions of cases throughout the entire history of humanity where women were oppressed and silenced regardless of whether they were advocating for themselves or not. I mean… if I had to venture a guess I’d say that’s where your argument falls apart.

Sure there will be feminists that try and silence advocates for men, but I never claimed to be one of those women, did I? I don’t believe any of us can speak for the entirety of our gender or species. All we can do is work to educate and help bridge the gap between rights that one gender enjoys and the other doesn’t (note I didn’t say women or men here, I kept it non-specific because I think there are problems with both sides of the fence, I.E. the culture surrounding men being raped and them speaking out about it).

Just because some “feminists” (I’d say their claim to that is false as if they were they wouldn’t be trying to silence any voice) may try to suppress the voices of men doesn’t mean that all do, or that it becomes what the movement represents.

As you said, I am the kind of person who looks to other view points, so sure I’ll try this movie and see how it goes. But just like all of my views I’m sure have fallen on deaf ears with you, I highly doubt this is going to suddenly make me the president of the MRA.

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