Hi friends, happy Sunday and happy new month once again.Just recently I bring to you one good news that just attached to blockchain technology, here is another one, Most of you might have heard of this coin before or having it in your portfolio already but not everyone knows about it..here I bring to you whatSUGAR EXCHANGE is.

SUGAR EXCHANGE is an ERC20 token built on the ethereum blockchain, but that's not all. SUGAR EXCHANGE is a type of cryptocurrency trading platform utilizing proven method.it is also secured and implementing advanced technology to ensure a superior user experience SUGAR EXCHANGE is so sweet for both beginners and expert traders.

SUGAR EXCHANGE believes security is paramount in this crypto-sphere, just as we all know, SUGAR team goes is to build the most strong platform for all users for their the most strong platform for all users for their currencies to be safer than ever before by making use of SUGAR EXCHANGE.

Also aiming to build a very simple to use cryptocurrencies trading machine that will make all crypto-traders to be able to trade easily without any stress .as well they are willing to bring to us video tutorials step by step how to use, trade and make profit using SUGAR EXCHANGE, Artificial Intelligence (AI) trade recommendations and trading bots.

My conclusion on this is that this project is what we have been waiting for, its look promising and coming with security, trading bot, artificial intelligence and more of what we crypto-traders need.

This is according to what it is written in sugar exchange website;-

When you choose to use our accounting service, there’s no need to worry about what to do at year end when hundreds of trades have been placed and you stopped documenting months ago. With the click of a button, this additional service will deploy secondary software to outline all of your trades; gains, losses, and, most importantly, your net profit at the end of it all. This software is only deployed with your consent and all data is confidential (it’s none of our business how much money you make). How sweet will it be to click and submit with Sugar?

It Is Trading On;-



And Still willing to be added to more exchangers soon.



Symbol: SGR

Total Supply: 80,000,000

Compatible Wallet;-






Sugar Roadmap.

Connect With Sugar Exchange (SGR) Teams:-

Website;- http://sugarexchange.io

Twitter;- http://twitter.com/Sugar_Excgange


Support;- info@sugarexchange.io