Christmas, umbrellas and necklaces

You guys know I’m fairly crazy, right? Well, news to you I am. Here’s why.

Every year, I help my grandma out at our local village Fayre and it’s the very start of my Christmas. Well this year, I decided to make a sense hat necklace to show off. I wore it for the whole day. Yes I did.

I got a free Christmas tree as well ☺ (more about that later) which will be useful for my next project.

On Saturday night, I decided I wanted to make an umbrella — this is why I’m slightly crazy. It obviously wasn’t making a normal umbrella, that’s just weird 😂. I had a normal umbrella, and just put lots and lots of LEDs on, you know that’s totally what everyone else

The LED is connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero, then one GPIO pin is a ‘strip’ of 6 LED. Unfortunately, I have not got RGB, I am using red, green and amber LED.

As previously mentioned, I got a Christmas tree (not real, obviously ;) ) but it’ll do for my next project. I’m hoping to get some RGB LED soon, this will then provide decoration, as well as a codebug colour star on the top !

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