EU Digital Girl Of The Year 2016

WOW! What an amazing week! As most of you know, I am now one of two EU Digital Girls of The Year 2016. I can’t believe it and am really excited for the future!

Earlier this year, my dad nominated me for the award (I don’t think he quite realized what he got himself into at the time). This then resulted in me travelling all the way to Brussels!

On Thursday we woke up at 5.40am (no, that’s not a normal human time) and got ready. It took a long time to travel through everywhere but i got a caramel latte (those who know me well know I love coffee)

At last we arrived in Brussels. Dragging our luggage into a taxi and making our way to our hotel.

When we got to the hotel, it was really posh! It was all decorated and ready for Christmas. The sparkling sleigh was the centerpiece and it looked amazing, but we had to go, It was time to go to the event!

After a 350m walk, (Google is amazing) we arrived. We entered the building and the event was a few floors up. We took the lift up to the top floor and the view was amazing! Apart from that, there were 3d printers, VR and obviously the main event.

I was really nervous about going to Brussels to get this award but there were amazing people there. Congratulations to everyone that won!

Finally, I want to say a massive thank you to you guys. Honestly, I couldn’t have done this you all. THANK YOU!