I’m going to MozFest 2016:)

Maybe it’s just me, but in this growing world of tech we need more people with the skills to code and create. This week i’m traveling down to London to go to an event called Mozfest to see what tech is at this fabulous event and encourage more and more young people to code and embrace the age we live in.

Printing worksheets, preparing slides and testing out tech. This has been my week! Coming from a small village Staffordshire, I don’t always get to go to the best tech events but this weekend is a little different, I’m going to MozFest!

Mozfest is a big event in London, claiming to be the world’s leading festival for the open internet movement. MozFest has lots of awesome tech to show. In the workshops are amazing people to help inspire the next generation of coders and engineers.

I’m Cerys Lock, Raspberry Pi enthusiast. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been using tech: I can’t actually remember a time when I couldn’t use a computer. With my father owning a print shop, I always used to have the old cast-off computers to take apart (and still do!), fascinated by the motherboards and anything attached. In September 2015, I found myself buying my very first Raspberry Pi spellbound purely by the size of it. From here, I’ve traveled to many events such as Raspberry Jams and Code Club meetups, as well as running my own Raspberry Jam here in Staffordshire!

I’m really excited for MozFest, even more so as I’ve never been before. It will be a great experience to learn more about tech, meet new people and have a great time! Personally, I’m really enthusiastic about the Youth and Open Science Zones: there’s some marvelous things going on there! I’m a session leader in the YouthZone, doing a session myself and helping out in a few others. I can tell you, this can be daunting experience but it is a great opportunity and I’m really looking forward to inspire beginners in the world of tech!