As you may know, my last post contained the fact that I’ve been looking forward to an event called MozFest, the world’s leading festival for the internet Last weekend. The time finally arrived, I travelled down to London with some friends, leaving the farms and fields of Staffordshire: I spent the whole weekend as a facilitator and guest, helping out at the amazing event and claiming STICKERS! :)

I caught the train from Lichfield, about an hour away from home. I met Cat at the station ready and waiting to go. Unfortunately I had the worksheets with me, which meant my suitcase was EXTREMELY heavy, luckily though, Dad was there and carried it across to the other side of the platform. After about an hour and a half we arrived at Euston. Already tired, we now had to find our way around London.

We hopped on the tube, well okay no, I got a confession to make. My bag got suck whilst trying to get it on the tube, Meaning I had to pull my bag up super quick, and I broke the handle (no, maybe not the best idea in the middle of London) but we still managed!

Eventually, we got to the last leg of the journey, the over ground and found our flats! We got in, and luckily, Amy and Joseph had already ordered a pizza (thanks guys!).

After a rather late night, we paraded down the street like zombies. The train station was about a 20 min walk from the flats and the venue an hour. So we thought we ought to get going :).

Facilitator training!

Eventually, we got there and started facilitator training! Yay! We all gather in a fairly big room and the speakers were fantastic! Whilst there, we sent one of us to the coffee barista’s (more about that later) to get Hot Chocolate and Caffeine :). It was delicious!

Busy, productive stuff ;)

Following that, we went to our own zones: setting up, meeting new people and helping out :). We still had to get about 70 Pi’s set up with worksheets and equipment, as well as Cat’s VR workshop (which was awesome!) but it wasn’t quite ready then, as we had to set up 30 phones and google cardboard, as well as connecting them to our server!

Whilst doing that we ended up making posters. Mozilla said we needed to make our own posters, which was obviously really annoying for me since, basically, my home printer is a poster printer is one that can go up to A0! We ended up making some really awesome stuff though. Well done to everyone!

Before we knew it, it was 9pm! We decided it might be a good idea if we went to Wagamama’s. For those of you that have been to Ravensbourne or the O2, you’d know it’s just round the corner. Me and Claire ran (yes, me, run :) ) around and said can we book 17 people in in 20 minutes?! Luckily though, they said yes!

We had to get up too early on Saturday. I think it ended up about 6.30am! We were absolutely exhausted already and we weren’t even at the venue yet!

As we scurried down the streets, the overground station came into sight. We just missed the last train ☹. Fortunately, the next train wasn’t far away, so reluctantly we climbed on board and started our journey to the second day of Mozfest (not that we didn’t want to got to Mozfest course :)). After a few other short walks and a trip on the tube, we wondered into the venue: stunned by the pretty patterns of posters before us!

Soon enough the sessions started, this is where things got interesting! So many people attended and we had fabulous facilitators too! The VR workshops were fantabulous (Yes i did just make up a word :) ) as well as workshops such as Burping Jelly babies, Minecraft Mayhem and Spooktacular Sounds! Of course, we can’t forget the people up on floor 9 doing laser cutting!

Disappointingly, we soon got to the end of a marvelous day. We had such an inspiring day with so many fantastic characters. Young, old, the biggest geeks in the world and people who just came to see what it was all about. Nonetheless, Saturday wasn’t over yet. Most of us were there for Pi and you can’t go to a Pi festival without Pizza (See what I did there ;) )

After a slight incident, we eventually got our pizzas! We went to Franco Manca’s, which I can assure you, is delicious! I was so happy when I got my pizza: I can’t even explain to you how hungry I was! Everyone. Needed. Food. Honestly, it was an unexplained telepathy thing that we just knew between everyone!

Truly, it was a really good night. There was always laughter around the table and people talking about amazingly geeky and phenomenal things! It was good to spend time with like-minded people who were all incredible!

Slowly stirring, we didn’t want to get up on Sunday. We decided a few Ubers were the right way to go, we couldn’t cope with too much more London Transport! We (just) succeeded on getting to the boys flat in time (about 10 mins walk away from us). Fractioning the time it cost us to get there, we arrived on time (well as on time as you can get us…)

Now back to the coffee barista’s, we love you! Yes, we do, we love them! If we were down, they cheered us up exceedingly (and made us Mocha and Hot Chocolate — always eternally grateful) So, since Sunday was the final day, me and some others decided to have a selfie! Why not?

Thank you guys! You are amazing human beings!

Getting back to Mozfest ;)… Yep, you can guess what I am going to say, more sessions!

Maybe not all photos of sessions

The day started to come to a close, it still wasn’t over though. Me, Amy, Cat and Joseph had to drop equipment back to Google. The struggles :/. We took what seemed like a million tonnes onto the tube!

Soon after, we all went to Euston and Andrew met us there. Me and Amy went back home on the same train, trying to keep each other awake! Within a couple of hours, I arrived at my station. Finding my feet on familiar ground, I flew down the stairs (breaking mys suitcase even more!) The moment I came outside, Dad was coming down the road. I got to admit, at that moment I learned that there’s no place like home!

I just want to say a massive well done to everyone that was there at Mozfest 2016: facilitator, guest, anyone!


  • Mozilla — Organizing the event
  • Andrew & Dorine — Organizing the Youth Zone
  • Vincent — being amazing and buying me coffee
  • Sam — just for being Sam
  • Harry — Letting me borrow his hats
  • Cat — Accompanying me to London (and putting up with me)
  • Amy — Letting me steal cookies, pizza and the amazing keyring as well as putting up with me on the way back home
  • Joseph — Stealing pizza
  • Bethanie — Being generally amazing and giving me Mozfest support calls
  • Claire — sleeping on the sofa so I didn’t have to and making us laugh
  • Dervla (AKA Mother Duck) — being an amazing chaperone
  • Jonic — making us cry with laughter and being from York
  • Kerry — Running the Dundee Raspberry Jam (in Dundee)
  • Josh & Elise(and Dad’s) — two of the youngest facilitators there, coming all the way from Preston
  • Femi— A young facilitator collected us sweets and stickers
  • Nic — helping us all (especially Femi)
  • Grace — Femi’s mum and another amazing facilitator
  • Polly — helping me with homework
  • Spike — bringing us all the equipment
  • Les — My interview
  • Seth — Wi-Fi workshop magic
  • Patrick — taking all the photos and being on social media
  • Barista’s — making the delicious Mocha’s and Hot Chocolate
  • Guests — for taking part ☺

Don’t worry if I missed you out! Thank you too!

*Disclaimer: erm… well, that’s a disclaimer for you!

EU Digital Girl of the Year 2016. Raspberry Pi Enthusiast. Girl geek that loves Physics, Computer Science and Maths!

EU Digital Girl of the Year 2016. Raspberry Pi Enthusiast. Girl geek that loves Physics, Computer Science and Maths!