Pi Party 2017

As most of you know, Pi Party was last weekend. If i’m totally sure, i don’t know where to start with such a phenomenal event but I’ll try(also my camera quality is awful throughout, apologies):

I woke up early on Saturday. I was tired already. I grabbed all my stuff, made some breakfast and hopped in the car. Just before we got on the motorway, we met up with Cat Dunicliff and started going down.

After a couple of hours, we finally got there. Well, what a queue! It was unbelievable, already being a little late, Cat managed to get in and I was stood in the queue talking (what a surprise!)

Eventually, we got in, bear in mind I hadn’t seen anyone yet. I went straight to the show & tell area AND I FOUND BETHANIE! :)

Touring around the event was fabulous, I loved every minute ☺. Most of the day I was helping out in workshops but I saw some really awesome stuff as well and also met some awesome people ☺

After a long, exhausting but awesome day, we decided to start to pack up for the evening BUT you know me, I stop and talk for ages, so we were one of the last ones at the event SO WE HAD CAKE!

Well! The excitement wasn’t over yet! We had to go and find our hotel (which come on, wasn’t hard, literally across from the venue) BUT WE FOUND THE CUTEST TEA AND COFFEE EVER

Me and Bethanie then decided a Five Guys was the way forward, I very much agreed! Strawberry Fanta is awesome (fizzy not flat 😂)

Yeah, so kinda after that, there’s a bit of a story, let’s go: My leds on my shirt kinda broke. Obviously with thus type of emergency and everyone staying in the same hotel, at 11pm I sent a tweet ☺. Lorraine Underwood came to my rescue, with some wire strippers. Thank you Lorraine ☺ (excuse the image)


That was so amazing! Food is good. Here’s a piece of Cerys advice: Get food when possible ☺

I’m kinda going to have to apologize, again: more photos ☺ (exhibit A: Andrew eating cake :P)

Exibit A: Andrew eating cake | Exbit B: Me taking photos and peeps talking and stuff | Exhibit C: Waving people with awesom SWAG to :)

Oh, I also talked on the raspberry Jam panel which was interesting, I was with two other awesome Jam organisers, Grace from South London and Les from Blackpool.

Raspberry Jam Panel

To those of you who are wondering what is on my face and arms, well. Yeah face paints ant tattoos… #CYBERCORNS rule!

UNICORNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! (and Cybercorns on the right hand side)

To end the day we had Fran Scott, which was fantastic!!!

I met Fran Scott!!!

I know this is a bit of a picture blog, but I really don’t know how to describe the weekend. It was fabulrilliant! ☺. The fabulous thing about the Pi community is how we connect with each other — meet anyone and you can talk and have an amazing and interesting conversation, no matter who it’s with. I want to say a massive thanks to the community and foundation, even if you weren’t at the event because without amazing people like you I wouldn’t be doing what I am today ☺. Cheers for another amazing event, to both the foundation and community!