This is a workflow with disadvantages and on some projects it might not be suitable. It is also a workflow that considers the tools within a specific organisation: Sketch for design and no design version control tool like Abstract or Plant.

Inside Inflight IT we use Abstract, but sometimes that’s not an option, and it shouldn’t be an excuse to not use version control. That’s why I’m sharing this tutorial in the hope it will help somebody out there.

I will write a small tutorial showing one of our workflow processes at Inflight IT for working with design teams and…

In this article I will describe how one can have a library component (that might be a part of a design system) and apply to it a completely revamped look, changing it’s style easily but maintaining the core principles of the components. Basically what we want is to be able to do this:

Having just one component library and multiple skins, we can easily transform our product and change it from one style to another. …

César Cardoso

UX/UI Designer. Design tools enthusiast.

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