Cryptomoneda’’ has become a great term capable of revolutionizing the world with the appearance of online work and the infinite opportunities it provides us in the world of investments by blockchains and variety of available platforms.

Creating centralized and decentralized payment systems in an ecosystem full of tokens and diverse workspaces, since the bitcoin appeared that was an impact on the world have appeared many new cryptomonedas with different values and are increasingly better and more innovative new blockchain technologies.

Allowing us to have liquidity of our own assets, it is here where enters one page x that allows us to make easy and fast exchanges obviating the tedious processes of registration that we find in other platforms.

What is OnePageX?

It is a decentralized platform that allows us to exchange tokens quickly and at the best prices simple to use, easy to operate and convert, the particularity of this platform is that users do not need to register because this traditional process is complicated and dangerous to leave private personal data such as passwords and emails in addition to the users had to convert to popular pairs before changing for the desired pair.

That’s why one page x works with a special url that is generated with each transaction and allows you to go back to it and exchange any asset you have between the current 140 cryptomonedas available, which for the future is expected to be more. The name of the platform is the abbreviation of one page Exchange.

The importance of wide selection and non-registration.

OnePageX has the ability to convert a large number of currencies, soon the steems will be included in this list as well as many cryptomonedas but this will facilitate trade and the economy of the blockchain will be more stable worldwide.

Each time a user performs these operations will generate a URL that will be your ‘’session’’ just copy and paste to enter and be used infinitely.

Wide selection of tokens.

On OnePageX we can convert from one currency to another and thus improve and make trade easier by creating a stable economy on a global scale.

The value of One Page is the simplicity and attractive interface that allows anyone to make an exchange.

Review and objective

The one page platform was launched recently but there are still a lot of positive things that will be added in the future, at the beginning all coins will be converted to bitcoin or the one that the user chooses but it is known that more tokens will be added in the future the idea is to expand throughout the internet market.

But one page x will allow us the free trade of all cryptomonedas in the future this will facilitate the purchase and sale and will make easier the exchange of various blockchain coins in a simple way.

Transaction cards and widgets.

These cards tell us the status of our transactions so we will have a precise idea of the movements made by us across the platform.

The onepage x widget can be easily used by any website by simply copying and pasting so that the sites will provide users with the ability to make quick changes.

Transactions are immediate when the currency is confirmed and deposited, thus speeding up the movement of assets through the network and providing appropriate rates to merchant users.


OnePageX is an excellent tool for effective, simple and efficient work that does not need a complicated registration and has low rates the only simple steps to follow are: choose, fill in and start. With increasing volumes the authorities demand verification and that only makes decentralization centralized.

We can simply change cryptomonedas through a URL and currently have 140 tokens available to be changed quickly and easily.

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