With the recent release of Xcode 8.3.1 and iOS 10.3.1, I discovered several updated apps on my devices claiming new features that required iOS 10.3. I couldn’t help but notice something on the release notes (yes, I do read the release notes even though my apps update automatically) in the latest update of the MLB “At Bat” App. Specifically the line “Customize your iPhone and iPad home screens with MLB Club-branded app icons (Requires iOS 10.3 update).” I was shocked. Apple now allows customizing app icons! Where was the fanfare?

As the enterprise mobile ecosystem continues to mature across industry verticals the mobile apps built to deliver business value on the go become more and more relevant. And with them comes the one unique challenge most consumer apps don’t need to worry as much about: the offline experience.

No matter if an app is built to monitor inventory across stores, provide patient info in hospitals or remote care centers, manage projects at a construction site or sell to farms, there is no guarantee a web connection will be available nor that the connection speed will be reliable enough to support…

balboa park, San Diego, CA / Picture by @cesarcvz / google Glass

First Glass Experience outside Bay Area

First post on Medium and first experience using Glass. Even though this was an awesome trip with tons of moments I’ll focus on people that talked, ask and stared at me while using Glass and just for you to know I wasn’t recording people at any time and as a side note I’ve been an Apple user and fan for a while.

July 3rd — Let’s go!

Just got the glasses from Google at San Francisco and my friends and I were ready to hit the road on our way to Lancaster, CA. Is there something special there? …

Cesar Cavazos

Mobile Application Architect @ Propelics— Mexican — Traveler Speaker — Capoerista

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