5 JavaScript “Bad” Parts That Are Fixed In ES6

I’m with you about scopes and the lexical “this”, I even agree about the spread destructuring being used on arguments. They’re definitely improvements in ES6, but I don’t think these are really “bad parts” in JS, it’s the way JS works. What I do think is that we’ve been trying to make Javascript works the way we want to because we’re too lazy to change our own programming paradigms and adapt ourselves to something different.
JS isn’t better because we can use Class syntax, is just more comfortable for people who like to use OOP no matter what (how much time have we lost trying to do that all these years?). This is like to say that Haskell has “bad parts” because it doesn’t look like Java.
Actually I would say Class is going to bring a lot of unnecessary bloated code in times to come because we don’t just want to adapt our way of programming to what is better for JS but the other way around

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