2 tips to master your schedule

Do you know that there are enough hours in a day for you to create success, achieve your goals, and feel good doing it? If you think otherwise, I bet you are not taking the most effective approach to get your life on track! Here are two key tips to make time your friend — not your enemy!

1. Focus on what you are doing.

Whatever it is, concentrate on what you are doing at the moment. ‘Multitasking’ might sound impressive, but it is not! Switching from task to task reduces productivity by 40%. If you are a multitasker, try changing now and see how much more you can get done — and how much more in control you will feel — when you put your full focus on whatever you are doing, be it work or pleasure, alone or with others.

2. Don’t let unimportant details drag you down.

Getting hung up on details that will not make a dfifference is a major time-waster. How important is that sentence you have been mulling over in your report for the last 10 minutes? Just move on, get the task completed, and decide once you have finished if you have time to go back to ‘fix’ the details. Use your time and energy on the big-picture important things — you will get so much more out of your time!

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