Who is Cesar Hasselmann?

Cesar Hasselmann has come a long way, and he wants to show others how! Cesar is highly motivated and has a passion for identifying opportunities and delivering creative solutions and results. He is MBA qualified, but his range of experience across industries is where his results can clearly be seen. Cesar’s focus on the real estate, building and property industries is evidence of his passion for this area, and he has enjoyed helping real estate professional in a range of ways, including helping them to:

  • streamline their processes
  • improve their lead generations at decreased costs
  • negotiate improved supplier agreements and rates
  • implement a human resource strategy that rewards high performing agents and delivers strategies to agents who need to grow
  • implement IT and data security upgrades
  • improve the sales culture and mentality to be more proactive.

Just some specific achievements Cesar has made for various businesses in the real estate industry include:

  • cost savings of over $250,000 in just 19 weeks
  • increased growth of 200% in 18 months
  • achieved savings of more than $160,000 in 3 months.

With more than 24 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development, Cesar specialises in helping others enjoy the best success they can by doing more with what they have. Cesar’s strong track record in Australia and internationally is based on his approach: he knows everyone is different, with different needs and goals, so he learns what those are to ensure he can help you find processes that suit the way you work — and ‘match’ your lifestyle — so that your steps to success are achievable for you.

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