As in the story, often moved to another planet “still on it”, i.e., planet of dreams and illusions, we transfer to adults full of accurate accounts, vast numbers, pride and vanity. Where it doesn’t matter if your soul is cultivated by deep in nature and imagination, while the surface is elegant and be reflected abroad an expensive image, all is well. The story tells us the experience of an adult who never understood the behaviour of his contemporaries, deciding to abandon his talent as a “painter”, travelling on his plane to explore the world. He is a boy who came down from another planet while the flier was lost in the Sahara desert; in the course of the moments in which were together, and Aviator was discovering that the child who was the “Little Prince”, was the only one who had understood that drawing the a day held in its childhood, creating among them a bond of friendship; the little Prince asks that you draw a lamb to take him to their planet, which by the way was a very small place. The little Prince tells him slowly as it was his life of solitary and melancholy without the advent of the flower, a very beautiful flower but who loved the little Prince; due to disillusionment with the flower, you decide to go to other places where he meets different characters as the King; showing his lordship especially what has, but without subjects, so you pray to the little Prince so it is but this decides to continue traveling. The vain, only seeks to stand out and be alagado, but was questioned by the little Prince. Drinker, is a very drunk person businessman leaving the confused little Prince is who get you to the stars, where the little Prince decides to say that it has no benefit to do that, leaving the man with big questions. The bluffer, I turned on and turned off quickly, since their planet was very fast, and it expresses that she is sad to lose so fast the sunsets. And the a person surrounded by of books and maps. Arriving at Earth discover many beautiful flowers, this saddens you, since it believed that its flower was unique, but it didn’t matter because he wanted to return to his planet. He knows the Fox, who is left to tame by the little Prince and does it reflect with the phrase: “it only looks good with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes.” The little Prince returns with the flier, living again with him, but determined to return to his planet to be with its flower, flier leaves him on the ground to be bitten by the snake and die to get to their planet.

This is a very fanciful tale, but that leaves us a great lesson, because as a good student should urge my colleagues not to be carried away by the superficial, removed pride and vanity top, since this does not work and is only futile for them, show them affection when they need it, understand the cause of their behaviors whereas their talents, their views, their beliefs and innovations, contributing much to the environment in which they operate. Foster in them new paradigms, new perspectives towards life, be a boon in them so that they are people who are not left go by what they see, the most important thing is in the heart, which is not visible to us, what is indispensable to develop and influence in societyNecessary to teach this at all academic levels, it is never late, since we are accustomed to seeing only by ourselves as greedy, vain and proud. It is important to mention that large changes in those who surround us, since each one receives different teachings at home cannot be achieved overnight in the morning, but it is not impossible, if different models of coexistence are deployed with them, so it’s not boring and has positive results toward the program, would achieve new generations with different mentalities and would implement various forms of expressing their feelings through art writing, games etc. The little Prince; book that everyone should read and analyze deeply to reflect and assess what surrounds us, both to people and to nature.


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