Hi, I’m César, I was born in Portugal many moons ago during a stormy day.

I’m currently into android, Kotlin and Node.js. I created Dryrun, purrge, alfi, drone and gradlr among many others. I love to write about all things android.

I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Mobile Computing. I started writing android code in 2010 and never stopped since.

I’m currently working at SkyUK writing android code full-time and I live in central London. Say hi if you’re around!

I really enjoy writing tools that automate things for you.

You can find me on GitHub, Twitter or at cesarferreira.com
Drop me a twitter DM or email.

Senior Android Developer, currently working as a Tech Lead @GlueHome. More on me @ https://cesarferreira.com

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