I never labelled myself as a victim but sure, Cesar.
Roslyn Talusan

You did say that he prayed on you. You see yourself as the prey, besides that, it only takes a quick glance at what you’ve written here on medium, (without counting twitter). It actually saddens me that you can only talk about that, I know you may have had bad experiences with sex, and it’s ok to talk about it, but shaping your world around that, isn’t going to help you heal. It may actually distort your mind and make you see things where there aren’t.

You say you didn’t ask for my opinion, nor for anyone’s opinion (people disagreeing with you more precisely) That means you only want a pat on the shoulder, you’re living in a delusion and I took my time to try and make you see that, it doesn’t matter if I failed, at least I tried. Maybe you’ll come back in the future with hearing ears and thank me.

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