Spaceflow -Best Proptech Startup CESAwards 2018

Petr Boruta the Marketing manager of Spaceflow is here with us, walking us through their story and success marks.

What are you most proud of achieving with your team this year?

We’re really excited that we’ve been able to scale up the number of projects Spaceflow is in. We’ve found a great partner in our investor, UP21, and we’re really looking forward to the next round of the investment. We’re currently targeting Series A round which we want to close by June.

What do you value most in people? Especially those in your team?

The passion is contagious. We really run like a community and the fact that we help each other in any possible situation is uplifting.

Proptech is a relatively new phrase and the real estate industry is changing from a very old-school setup to be able to offer integrated and smart solutions for their customers

We build real-time relationships between owners, all occupants and local services. Spaceflow helps landlords to attract and retain top tenants and raise profits by combining the tenant experience platform and community management.

We create a true “space-as-a-service” experience that allows landlords and space operators to customize services and improve tenant satisfaction.

With Spaceflow, occupants have amenities, services and community life just one click away in the mobile app and community managers ensure the best experience possible for them — through attractive content, events and personal communication.

It all comes down to the fact that people want more from their buildings. It’s no longer the case of just providing spaces to rent, it’s about providing an experience to go along with that. We help building owners, landlords, and property management to deliver that experience.

How is Spaceflow actually contributing for a better experience for all parties involved? Can you tell us about a customer success story that you are especially proud of?

I could cite CA Immo, where Spaceflow was able to connect all three buildings on 63,700 square meters, local companies and occupants into one living ecosystem. That’s a challenging task that was not possible to fulfill before.

In your opinion what are the single best and the single worst things running a startup from Central Europe?

The world is so interconnected today that there is really not much difference in when you run the company from. We’re doing global business for other global companies. We’re looking at all the things, from marketing to product, in the global perspective. As we have a team in London, New York and Germany, too, it’s our mission to keep the same energy and vision throughout the company.

What’s next for Spaceflow? What do you anticipate most the next year will bring for the company and the team?

We’re currently opening our branch in New York, so scaling up on US and British market is one of the things we’re excited about most . Our team is growing in all the verticals — development, sales, marketing and community managers, so strengthening internal processes and keeping the same flow is vital. Payment system would be a whole new level of comfort for occupants and a great opportunity for landlords and services to monetize.

What were the best conferences you attended in 2018? And why?

EXPO REAL as it’s the biggest real estate fair globally and we were able start relationships with several important clients, especially for German and Austrian markets. We also got great exposure at MIPIM PropTech in Paris and Future PropTech in London.