New Day, New Perspective

Photo cred: 
Bogdan Dada

We don’t know everything.

What we see as destruction, may not be the case. We see a tsunami, tornado, earthquake and label them natural disasters. But what if that’s part of the course; a necessary act?

If someone happened to witness for the first time, a scalpel cutting into someone’s head, they’d be concerned, say it’s wrong.

Or the baptizing of a person in water, why are they trying to drown them?

We don’t understand.

We also don’t have the full picture. The scalpel is required to remove the brain tumor. The water symbolizes a cleanse and renewal.

We jumped in at the wrong moment without all the facts.

That’s how life is too and its perfectly okay. Part of the experience is just accepting that we don’t know everything and therefore can’t understand it all. So it’s best to live moment by moment, come what may, because it is all part of our journey. We must live deeply and fully experience our feelings, at the same time, know that how we feel isn’t the entire picture of what actually is, but it is our emotions nonetheless; our feelings are worthy to be experienced.

All is well.

Don’t be afraid.


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