Hola, Cesar.
Elias Lopez

Hi Elias. Thanks for taking this with a positive attitude.
Honestly, I’ve talked about this with a few Spanish speaking friends, some of who work as journalists and others who work as scholars, and the word in the street is that the translations are less than great. My suggestion would be to avoid publishing such articles, and stick instead to content that was written in Spanish, or that was translated at a quality that is similar to that of a book translation. Also, you may want to avoid some opinion pieces that are filled with English idioms. Idioms don’t translate well. The stick like a sore thumb in the eyes of a native speaker (cuando en español no diria que se destacan como un pulgar enrojecido). To make those pieces work, the idioms would need to be completely rewritten. Finally, you may want to engage more Spanish speakers as potential writers. There are many Spanish speakers in the academic community that could be a source of original OpEds. Moreover, it would be great if the New York Times in Spanish could serve as a forum for these voices, instead of a way to push the Anglo-American opinions to the Spanish community through translations.