I, Racist
John Metta

I am not silent, and I do try to talk to other white people about this but I don’t get very far. Not because they are overt racists; like me they are open-minded, liberal folks. But I think it doesn’t affect us as you say and so we grow complacent. Or we see these police shootings as “in-humane” first, because as you point out, we are outside the discriminatory system. We are “normal”.

I often feel an imposter when I label something as racist, as if…..maybe I don’t know. Who am I to call something racist, if I’ve never been subjected to racism? I’m counting on the youth to save us. The ones who’ve grown up side by side with kids of all colours, then see certain kids being treated differently, like at the Pool Party arrest last month. Those kids uninhibitedly called out “racist!” and their certainty and passion was heeded. All white folks need to live up to that standard of honesty.

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