3 Benefits of Renting a Printer

It’s safe to say that printers in the workplace are responsible for more than a fair amount of frustration, disappointment and sometimes even rage. With toner costs at an all time high, and the average office worker printing an average cost of $725 per year — it’s easy to see why. Often the initial cost of an inkjet printer can be less than 10% of what you will pay for operation of the device during its lifetime. Luckily, renting your printer from a company like CES&R Printing Services can be extremely beneficial. Here are 3 reasons why:

You can minimize your overhead costs and your headache:

When you rent your printer there is much less need to worry about the details of the printer’s upkeep and maintenance. All of the equipment necessary for function as well as it’s installation are part of the rental cost; this includes all consumables (meaning toner cartiridges and paper). Additionally, should the need arise, the availability of service technicians are also part of the rental fee at no additional cost. Essentially this means: less time and money spent dealing with the printer means you resources can be used on business.

Its easier to stay current, stay competitive, and adapt:

The world changes rapidly and being able to adapt is now more important than ever. When you rent you can have the most up-to-date printer from leading manufacturers at your disposal. That being said, technology is developing at ever increasing speeds and should your equipment no longer be the latest; renting provides the option to upgrade. There is also the added benefit of allowing for a complete change of equipment should the project or its requirements change. Device limitations and obsolescence of your printer will no longer be a concern allowing for efficiency in the workplace aided by the correct and most current technology.

You wont waste your capital on a potentially short term solution:

If you find yourslef planning an event that may only last a few days or perhaps your project needs those final prints but the equipment is only necessary during that final step? Sometimes the solution to document overflow in the office is not a purchase, so why make one? Renting a printer doesn’t need to be a long term commitment — you can dictate the length of your rental and make sure you’re not paying for it any longer than necessary. Its important to make sure that temporary problems remain temporary and you don’t end up permanently owning the solution.

Rent your printer from CES&R Printing Services

Contact The Digital Printing and Copy Specialists at CES&R Printing Services for your printer. We provide the best printers from leading manufactures like Kip, Cannon, and CopyStar and are dedicated to helping you find the correct solutions for your business in Utah. Contact us and see our unique set price incuding all consumables, installation, and services. For assistance call 801–487–8715 or visit our website.

About the Author:

Paul Jones is the CEO of CES&R Printing Services in Salt Lake City, Utah. He offers full-service printing and commercial grade printers.

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