3 Things to Know About Large Format Printing

Within the world of business today, there is an accelerated need to remain as competitive as a company can be within their industry. Optimal marketing is integral to that success. Printed materials, according to Forbes magazine, is still the most effective means of advertising.

Large format printing can:

  • Increase your brand recognition for customers
  • Give customers a tangible marketing tool that digital can’t offer
  • Put your company’s name in the mind of a consumer each time they see it…and from a distance!
  • Give a company versatility in advertising

What is Printing in Large Format Mean?

This is a product that cannot be created by an average-sized printer. The type of printers that are able to create a product of this size was manufactured to specifically produce a finished product that reflects a clear resolution and detail that a large formatted product needs. This is can only be accomplished through using a large format printer.

What is the Process for Printing in Large Format?

The actual process is the same as a digital one, but large printers must be equipped with larger scaled components. During the printing process, the paper is fed through the printer at the ink source so it is applied directly onto the material that is being used.

What is the Quality of a Large Print Machine?

These custom machines use only a UV ink which is water based which is a more fade-resistant product. This is especially important for banners that are used outdoors. Each machine is equipped with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. The machines at CES&R Printing Services can offer you the following large print quality:

  • The ability to create 4,000 “D” size prints per hour
  • Large document scanning from 200 DPI to 400 DPI resolution,
  • Small document color scanning to 600 x 1200 DPI

What are Some Large-Print Products?

Whether you are a business that is considering a large print format as an integral part of your marketing strategy, or you have other needs for large print, some products that CES & R Printing Services can help you design are:

  • Banners: Vinyl banners are extremely popular for outdoor advertising of any kind including business promotions, parades, summer markets, festivals, and personal announcements.
  • Posters: For business use, posters can be hung at trade shows or for any type of indoor or outdoor retail marketing. They can also be used simply as part of an interior wall design for personal use.
  • Professional Drafts: Oversized prints can be used by businesses for architectural plans, engineering blueprints, or company bid presentations.
  • Canvas Prints: These are often created from art or photographic reproductions for personal or company events as well as for the purpose of framing as part of an interior design
  • Stickers: These are great for man caves as a representation of your favorite teams or to even display on your vehicle to promote local companies. These can be repositioned and are resistant to fading.

CES&R Printing Services offers all of these products at a superior quality and at competitive prices. Visit one of our locations in Salt Lake City, Utah or in Las Vegas, Nevada to consult with our team of printing experts.

Our team can show you the benefits of large format printing for your company or personal needs and products that will serve you best. We can also come out to your business and assess your large format printing needs.

Give us a call at 855–608-CESR (855–608–2377) or 801–487–8715 or visit our website at CESR.com

About the Author:

Paul Jones is the CEO of CES&R Printing Services in Salt Lake City, Utah. He offers full-service printing and commercial grade printers.

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