Digital Printing vs Offset Printing

Printing is not as simple as one may think. There are various printing processes that produce different outcomes. Offset printing and digital press printing are the most common printing approaches. Exactly what is the distinction between the two? There are pros and cons to both digital printing and offset printing.

Offset Printing

Offset printing earns its name since the ink is not straight moved to paper throughout the printing procedure. This approach utilizes plates to move an image onto a rubber roll that is then pressed on a sheet of paper.

Offset Printing Advantages:

- More expense effective for printing large amounts

- Less expensive price per piece the more you print

- Highest printing quality

- Greater information

- Accurate color reproduction

Digital Printing

Digital printing does not utilize plates like offset printing does. Rather it utilizes toner or liquid ink. The ink is digitally used rather of rolled on. Digital printing offers the power of customization with variable information printing. A choice that allows each printed piece to be customized with information, such as a name, address, code, etc.

Digital Press Advantages:

- Lower setup expenses for shorter runs

- More expense efficient for runs less than 250

- Print-on-Demand, print just exactly what you need

- Variable information printing ability

- Quick turnaround

- Exception quality

- Works with a variety of papers and surfaces

Both offset printing and digital press printing produce quality paper pieces. You can identify which process is best for you by looking at your job’s requirements.

Consider these questions to determine which press you should utilize:

1. How quickly do you need the printed pieces?

2. The number of pieces do you require?

3. What type of paper do you wish to print on?

4. Would your piece benefit from variable information printing?

5. What’s the size of the printed piece?

Do you still have concerns or need help figuring out which printing approach is best for you or your business? Contact CES&R Printing Solutions at 855–608–2377 today. We would love to respond to any concerns or assist you with your company’s printing requirements.