Rent, Lease, Buy: The Best Way to Get a Large Format Printer

When it concerns your company needs, having the best large format printer is recognizably more crucial than owning that printer outright. Having it lets you begin printing. Owning it simply makes it yours completely and that can be pricey.

Owning a large format printer indicates it’s up to you to fix it if it breaks or offer it if you choose you no more need it. It likewise implies either paying of pocket, which can be a significant sum, or handling a loan, which can be a trouble and/or make it harder to get loans for other, more pressing needs. That’s why leasing and renting a large format printer has become an industry of its own.

But it would not be an industry if it weren’t rewarding, so maybe purchasing is the better bet. After all, leasing leaves you with nothing to show for the money you spent and leasing contracts can limit how you utilize the printer. Besides, the renting service plainly has to make a profit, so you can be sure you’re paying more than they are for the same device.

So how do you choose what’s much better for your company?


If you just require a large format printer for a single project, however don’t want to pay another person to deal with the job, then renting is for you. It’ll cost you a fraction of the printer’s cost and transfer any maintenance costs to the owner. When you’re done, you simply send it back and return to company as normal.

  • Costs the least upfront
  • No long-term factors to consider necessary
  • Streamlines maintenance and transport
  • Prevents extra expenses like warranties, insurance, and complex fixings
  • Great option for a temporary or short-term devices requirement
  • Rental charges can usually be deducted as an overhead


Leases are more of a gray location. If you need a printer enough time to make renting it too costly, but you do not desire to buy one yourself, you’re most likely interested in 2 main benefits:
1) You have long-term needs, yet want obsolescence to be somebody else’s issue or
2) You wish to conserve cash before purchasing a large format printer of your very own

Either way, you can discover a lease to suit your requirements. Buyout clauses allow you to buy the printer outright at the end of the lease or, if you prefer, to merely upgrade the lease to obtain a new printer rather. Fair Market Value rents allow you to “purchase” a brand new printer then return it after a few years for credit on a new printer or simply keep the printer for longer.

  • Conserves you cash on upgrades
  • Develops a constant and predictable month-to-month expense
  • Payments can be made from operating costs instead of capital funds
  • Can be structured so that the devices can be purchased at the end of the leasing period


If your company depends on large format printers, absolutely nothing will be cheaper in the long run than buying your very own. While all of the expenses come up front, you have no limitations either. Devaluation and tax write-offs from interest payments will lower your long-term financial concerns. You can usually negotiate for below-market prices on the devices and a long-lasting relationship with your provider can cause numerous discounts on everything from new printers to materials for upkeep.

  • Finest solution for irreversible needs
  • Very cost-effective at high use levels
  • Reduces tax costs
  • Gives you total control over your possessions
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