I respect your hustle girl!

Yes I do respect any girl who wakes up and does something for herself. For me it doesn’t really matter much whether a business woman, a secretary, house girl, a nurse,an executive ………The bottom line is someone has started a journey.

Many speculate and call women who make something work for them all sorts of names. Well its true there those dare devils who make it rain when they want and how they want. They are the extrovert type the socialite type, the go getter types while there are those who sweat silently.

As a matter of fact all these are better placed that the procrastinators who choose their defence line as…I wanted to do this or that but…. What I mean is that the world is already tough enough and giving it excuses makes it tougher.

Forget about the women empowerment clubs that have made you chant the independent woman chorus. Making women think they are equal to men. We are not equal but we are capable of doing the same things.

For those who are totally lost here, It’s time to attend the university of life .It is called the real life. Reality is as a woman you will earn less than a man with the same experience and credentials. This is a fact, not to say that you are less capable but those are the work systems. The work systems know that you as a woman will need maternity leave, take time off to deal with home issues, you will have mood swings, your mind will be with your loved ones most of the time and not at work and so on…….but there are also the economic systems that know that the next big economic growth will come by empowering women; not to compete with men or women but by empowering them to embrace their capabilities, complement each other and realize their worth. The positive and proactive attitude adds value to the society at large because women are the most dynamic and fastest-growing economic force in the world today.

This playing field is not for the little girls but for the grown up ladies who have a vision of what they want and are willing to go after it. I give a toss to the many women who want to grow beyond where they are .To those that have resolved to never ever quit!