5 Famous French Singers You Should Know If You Want To Increase Your Knowlege About French Culture

Want to be cool around French people ? Talk to them about these famous people.

#1 Gainsbourg

This artist is really iconic. He was a legend as he was both a genius for writing beautiful songs and also composing sophisticated musics.

His personality and charisma contributed also to make him famous, has he shifted from being an extremely shy guy and ideal son-in-law, to a really provocative and rebel person drinking and smoking a lot of cigarettes (like, A LOT !)

Listen to this amazing song where Gainsbourg sings with Brigitte Bardot, one of the many women he had in his life

#2 Edith Piaf

I have no doubt you have already heard some of her songs. She is definitely the most famous French female singer. She was born in 1915 and was well-known worldwide for her incredible voice and lyrics.

She died pretty young, at 47, suffering from physical and psychological pains (and especially several addictions). But the impact she had on French music is huge.

“La Vie En Rose”, you knew it already, right ?

#3 Georges Brassens

If you like acoustic guitar and funny-insightful texts, you’ll like this singer. He was kind of an Anarchist who loved to make fun of people and criticize the society in a funny way. However, even though you have a good French vocabulary, you will learn a lot of new words listening to his songs (but many are not used so often actually, just sayin’ !).

“Les Amoureux Des Bancs Publics”. With lyrics, come on guys, just try ;)

#4 Jean-Jacques Golman

I don’t know a lot about this guy’s life so I won’t check on Wikipedia just to pretend I know him. However, what I can tell you is that if you come to France and party at a friend’s place until 6am (yes, we like to party until late in the night… or early in the morning, it depends on how you see it), you’ll probably hear some of his songs after 4am. People tend to be more emotional and even more “frenchy” at this time… :)

He is 65 now, and still singing.

#5 Charles Aznavour

Charles Aznavour was born in 1924 and guess what, this guy is still doing concerts abroad ! His passion and hunger for singing and being the greatest is endless. His motivation and self-esteem drove him to success while his voice was not really attractive for most people at the beginning. But he kept working and he experienced massive success with many songs. One of his most famous songs is called “Je m’voyais déjà” and he talks about his former dreams where he visualized himself being a superstar.

But first, the song you should listen to is “La Bohème” :

Charles Aznavour singing “La Bohème”

#TooBadHe’sBelgian Jacques Brel

Ok, he was not French.. BUT, he was one of the biggest French-speaking artists. He was really smart, his texts were full of powerful lyrics and thoughts, and he was really charismatic on stage and musically talented.

Check this out :

Jacques Brel singing “Ces gens-là” in 1966 at L’Olympia