Best of 2017 Customer Service Management Software

To run a business efficiently, there are a number of factors and aspects which need optimum care to be taken of including customer service. Without proper customer service, even a small enterprise wouldn’t survive for long. There are ample of software or help desk applications available of which we have picked the two that are SupportBench and Desk in a head-to-head face-off.

We will dictate and cover all the aspects of these Customer Service Management Software, like Price, Self-Service, Features, Integrations, Ease of use, and more.

Business Plans and Pricing -

The price matrix of both the customer service management software is distinct and differs to a large extent. offers per agent fee of $125 and a minimum of 5 agents are required to be assigned with the price tag of $7,500 per year.

● SupportBench believes in customer satisfaction and therefore, its price packages are massively lower compared to major customer service management software. To put things into perspective, the cost of 5 agents at SupportBench is $1,200 per year, which can save you up to $6,300 compared to what would require you to pay.

● The difference between and SupportBench is between 25% to 525% where the latter quotes very cost-effective rates and promises customer-centric services.

Ticket Management -

● SupportBench features an all-in-one customer support system and therefore, the multi-channel customer service makes task management, calendaring, case management, etc very simple and efficient.

● What makes a competitor in the sector of help desk software is its all-in-one support ticket management system. The app creates multiple support channel along with various integrations in sync.

Customer Support & Self Service -

Both and SupportBench are pretty good in providing plenty of Self Service and Customer Support.

● has a multi-channel customer service which covers Chat, Twitter, Facebook, and Email for customer queries and resolution. The software provides Community Access, Portal, and Knowledgebase self-service, however, it lacks In Application Chatting.

● SupportBench is thoroughly packed with self-service like Portal, Community Access, and Knowledge Base. It offers In-Application Chatting along with Email and Phone for customer support. SupportBench provides a multi-channel customer service with built-in Integration of, Twitter, Email, and Chat (with integrations).

● When compared with Community-based Self-Service, SupportBench gets a +1 for its ultimate support whilst lacks a number of integration such as no plugins for Multiple Communities, No Forums, etc.

Interface and Knowledge Base -

● The user interface provided by is amongst the finest interface with easy transitions, add, update, remove, delete of tickets and more. The interface is clutter-free and thanks to its unique ticketing management system, the interface is interesting and attractive to work on.

● SupportBench, on the other hand, has an excellent functionality which makes it must have. The unlimited customization option and the real-time modification make it easier to use. The Interface is included all the integration and features on a single front panel.

Extra Goddies -

On the integration aspect, SupportBench is often the finest amongst the two with its long list of integrations, while fails to have more add-ons for a more refined customer support.

● provides 3rd party apps, Contact, and Salesforce Customer integration along with REST API. Although the feature integration provided by is not disappointing, the list integrations available on SupportBench is what makes it more appealing.

● SupportBench provides the integrations such as Assets and Sales Product synchronization, Update or Create Contacts, etc. along with the integrations discussed above.

Making Your Final Decision -

Both and SupportBench are competitive customer service management software and thus, the right choice for the right software depends on your need. The SupportBench is cost-effective and includes plenty of integrations, features, and more whilst offers slightly higher price rate, but will more than plenty of features to try and make the business more efficient. It is important to have a look at ticket management, interface, knowledge base, pricing, and other aspects for the final decision to make.

Author: Stewart Balanchine

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