An Alternate Strategy for Leftists Attending Drumpf Rallies

Fellow activists,

we need people protesting the outside of Drumpf rallies, absolutely.

People need to know there’s an option beside apathy.

But as far as going into the rallies in bands… especially as bands of melanated folks… I feel like it’s counterproductive. There’s something to the strategy of slipping by or teaming up to make reverse Oreos to enter a Drumpf rally.

Allow me to explain.

While dissent is a high form of patriotism, it does nothing to dissuade people who either support Drumpf or think he’s a joke. It either bolsters support, or further convinces people on the sidelines that Drumpf’s campaign is a 3-ring circus.

This is even when they sympathize with those protesting on the inside.

I’m not saying they don’t care. What I’m saying is that the spectacle does nothing to inspire action against the vitriol.

Every time protestors or stage rushers get shut down before they can make the splash necessary to create an alternative narrative, people don’t get to see what’s really going on.

The longer dissenters can stay in a rally without getting thrown out, the more action they can capture to show people outside how insane the rhetoric is.

Not only can you post that raw footage. You can take it and use it with existing footage from other sources to show the patterns you see and to give more context and meaning to what’s currently going on.

That is so much more powerful than saying, “See? That monster threw us out.” That’s what he’s gonna do and it would be insanity to expect any different. Use that knowledge to your advantage.

Make change, not statements. And make it by being strategic, instead of simply flagrant.

I will support whatever you do in service of love and forward progress. I only hope that we can be smarter about engaging in stuff that actually works — vice action that builds our street cred or checks a box for trying.